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"Circadian" Single Out now!!

Circadian Single Cover Proof

Circadian is centered around breaking out of the cycles we go through on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis. It explains how going through the motions of the day can become repetitive and sometimes make us feel like every one is the same.

Eat. Work. Sleep. Eat. Work. Sleep. Eat.

This becomes almost like a rhythm. It is so easy to get lost in the cycles of life and let the days pass without noticing. Have you ever just stopped to think about what you did last Wednesday? We grow older every year not always remembering how we got there. Sometimes we have to put ourselves outside of our comfort zones to break the cycle. Circadian has something in it that everyone can relate to and we are really excited to share it with you!


new "Frozen" music video

Based out of Winston-Salem, Shiloh Hill began touring nationally following the success of their first album entitled “Wildflower” in 2016 and has since performed 300+ concerts across the United States at venues ranging from intimate house shows to large festivals and everything in between. They have shared stages with accomplished acts such as Of Montreal, Lettuce, Ghost of Paul Revere, The Lighthouse and the Whaler, and many more. Currently they are releasing their second full album "Circadian" which will be completely released by the end of 2019.

Shiloh Hill is a band that understands how to create a sound that's continuously evolving and fully unique. This is a project that focuses on a joint contribution of artists showcasing not only excellent songwriting and lyricism, but a fun and lively ensemble of harmonizing vocals, guitar, mandolin, banjo and percussion layered over some funky bass lines. With just the right mix of folk, pop, and fireside feeling, each song sets tones, tells stories, and has a little something for everyone.

“Gardens” is four-minutes of sunshine, evocative of breezy summer days and cartwheels on the front lawn, with hand claps, bright mandolin and a driving percussion.” – Winston-Salem Journal

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